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My Vegan Story & Series Wrap on Season 3!

November 04, 2022 Katie Season 3 Episode 26
All Things Sustainable
My Vegan Story & Series Wrap on Season 3!
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This beautiful series is coming to a close and in this final episode, Katie Kurpanek, Eco-Living Coach and Podcast Host, shares her own personal journey into embracing the "vegan" title and how a plant-based diet has impacted her physically, as well as all the unexpected ways veganism has completely changed her life.

The episode ends with her biggest take-aways from each interview within this series, and with that, that's a wrap on Season 3 of the All Things Sustainable podcast!

We'll be taking a break for the holiday season (although there will likely be some bonus holiday content sprinkled in here and there), and we'll be back for Season 4 in the New Year... 

As always, THANK YOU for being here -- you make this show worthwhile. :)

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Katie Kurpanek:

You're listening to all things sustainable, where we unpack topics related to sustainable living, as well as how to apply specific actions to your own life. I'm your eco living coach and podcast host,Katie Kurpanek. Let's jump in.Hey, I have a quick secret to share with you. I recently launched an online video course for parents and caretakers called caring for the earth and kids. And there is literally no other course in the world like it. Seriously. No other courses out there teaches you how to build sustainable habits that are specifically meant to save you time, money, stress and the earth, and then guides you through the entire process from pregnancy and postpartum all the way through young childhood. And then on top of that, you get to join a private online community so that we can all support each other as we continue on our own journeys. raising families can be expensive, I have already saved personally over $6,500 in the past couple of years since having our toddler and that's on the low end, because I keep on realizing ways that we've actually saved more money, all by following the sustainable hacks that I share in this video course. So whether you are pregnant or you're expecting a baby, soon, you're in the postpartum newborn phase,whether you're navigating the first year or toddlerhood or even into young childhood, you should never have to feel alone in this journey. And I would be so honored to guide you in this adventure, living sustainably and passing on long term positive habits to our future generations starts with one step. So head over to that minimal To begin your journey today. Again,that's that minimal And all of that is linked for you in the episode description. Okay, let's get back to our show.Hello, everybody, welcome to the final episode in Season Three of the All Things sustainable podcast, I really kind of sad that this series is coming to an end, it has been such a joy, to have all of these wonderful conversations with so many incredible people. All of the guest speakers on this show have just like filled my heart. And it has been such a privilege and an honor to speak with them and to hear their expertise and to share it with you all. So thank you for being here. This podcast is for you. It's for the listeners, and I'm so happy that you're here. I'm happy to hear your feedback all the time, and your encouragement, and whatever you'd like to send my way. And then I have such gratitude for my podcast patrons as well. If you are supporting the show on Patreon, this podcast would not be possible without your support. Thank you so so much.Your financial support helps me to invest in better equipment and sound quality and all the time and editing and the whole process that it takes to go into putting this podcast out there.So thank you for being here.Whether you are a listener and or a patron, I am so happy you're here. Of course a major shout out and thank you to all the speakers who have been part of this season. It has been phenomenal. A very, very brief recap of what the season has been about if you've missed any of the episodes. We have had episodes on speaking your truth,how to go about having controversial conversations which felt pretty fitting for this, this series because, you know talking about anything related to veganism can be controversial and kind of sensitive for some people. So we had an episode to start the series with vegan psychologist Clare Mann talking about how to communicate effectively and to speak your truth after that the rest of the episodes in this series have focused on different aspects of veganism. So we have talked with Dr. Neil Barnard,who is a world leading and renowned doctor in his field,especially when it comes to diabetes and reversing that condition and preventing it. And he talks about all of the benefits of a plant based diet talks about nutritional health and if there are any risks to it. It's a phenomenal episode.Then we talked with two activists Gwenna and Claudia,Gwenna Hunter and Claudia Lifton. They spoke about the connection between human rights and animal rights. We approached the vegan conversation from more of like an ethical and moral perspective and talking about social and animal justice. After that we had the privilege of talking with Dr. Joanne Kong,and we focus specifically on the environmental impacts that a vegan diet can have on the earth. After that we spoke with Jen Rivera Bell and Ashley Renne Nsonwu, who are two social media influencers and activists talking about food justice,racial justice, we talked about the vegan experience across different cultures and families and there was so much to learn in that episode. In the episode after that we spoke with Dr.Sailesh Rao who is a critically acclaimed executive producer of several documentaries. He is an author of books. He is also an award winning Systems Specialist engineer with a completely different background, not associated with healing the climate. He's had two separate careers and each one has been tremendously powerful in his over 30 years of professional experience. And in that episode,we brought together the scientific and the spiritual,more like compassionate conversations around veganism,we talked about living in line with your core Dharma with nature, and also how a plant based or a vegan diet can also be a huge part of the you know,the systems of healing our Earth and reversing climate change.Finally, last week's episode was our last interview for the season and that was with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, who is an award winning author of seven books, and also an award winning speaker. She has been a podcast host with two podcasts for the past over 16 years, and also has spoken in many other venues. And she addressed both the social aspects of being vegan and what that can feel like to challenge the status quo, how you can become confident in your own food choices. And even beyond being vegan really how you can find your voice and become more confident in your journey in general. And she spoke a lot about how to navigate the potentially awkward or just challenging social settings and traveling and peer pressure while being vegan. Today we are officially wrapping up this whole season I am going to share with you my own story my own journey into claiming the vegan title for myself. I am aware now thanks to this series and everything that I have personally learned to make the distinction that being vegan is not my identity. It is not something that is separate from me or my other identities.Holding the vegan title is something that I embrace because of everything that I choose to live my life toward which we will get into that. But you know being vegan veganism that's not separate from who I am. Really it's more in line with all of who I am. So we'll we'll get into that a little bit more. And if you want even more understanding and clarification around that, just check out the previous episode right before this one with Colleen Patrick Goudreau as she really dives deep into that and it was such a helpful and eye opening conversation. Okay, so my story,when it comes to veganism, it's so interesting to me that this is happening in November, I'm recording this episode on Halloween, actually, and it will be released in just a few days.So it kind of brings my journey full circle because I became vegan. I embrace that title in November of 2017. And so now,this podcast episode going out and wrapping up this series in November of 2022 is just, I just love that kind of stuff. It brings it full circle to me,it's been five years now of my own vegan journey. But I definitely did not ever imagine myself embracing that title,giving up animal products, any of that. So I grew up eating animals and their byproducts. I never questioned it. It was just normal. It was just what you know what we did and what most people around me did. And, you know, I very briefly kind of question that when I was in junior high.And I decided to try to be vegetarian for like a week. And I'm not really sure why I did that I I was in seventh grade.And I think that I was probably trying to just be different or you know, get some kind of attention or something with my friends. I don't know. Anyway,it didn't last longer than a week, maybe even not even a full week. And that was really it for my you know, upbringing in in questioning what I ate, I always struggled with lactose intolerance. And you know, so did many of my family members.And so that also felt kind of natural. It was just like, oh,this is just something we have to deal with. And so because of that I didn't really eat dairy very often. Or at least I thought that I didn't. It's interesting. Once you cut something out of your diet completely unconsciously, then you become very aware of how much you were actually still consuming. But I didn't think that I ate dairy very often. I loved ice cream. I couldn't imagine my life without ice cream. And, and of course I thought that ice cream, you know had to be from dairy from cows.So I just lived my life lived with lactose intolerance and tried to just manage it and figure out what were my limits.You know how much of Something dairy related, could I eat before I felt sick and you know,tried to just work around that fast forward to the age of 25, I was still struggling with lactose intolerance. But again,couldn't imagine giving up animal products completely,especially ice cream and didn't really see a need to. At that time, I was working with a teacher who is still a close friend of mine today. And shout out to Julia, thank you for sort of giving me this push by just sharing your own journey. She had recently, I think fairly recently, around that time,started eating plant based and loved it was just thriving and learning so much. And so she shared with me all about like her own journey and so many resources that had been helping her. And ironically, around the same time, I was also introduced to like a juice plus challenge that was going on that a friend was hosting. And you know, your fruits and veggies intake was just greatly increased, both with the whole fruits and vegetables, foods, and then also through the juice plus capsules,and then things like dairy and gluten and some processed sugars and other things like that were either cut out completely or greatly reduced. And I want to say that that challenge went on for like a month. And anyway,those two things were kind of coinciding in my world like I was introduced to that challenge and was on board with it. Just wanted to see what it might do for my health. And then talking with my friend and co worker who was also on a plant based journey, I had no intention of going vegan, or plant based at all, when I dove into the juice plus challenge. I was really just trying to see if that was if that was a product that I was interested in buying if it would supplement and help my life at all. While I was doing that challenge, I started to feel really, really good. And having dairy cut out of my diet and being like I said before, very consciously aware of how much I was actually still eating dairy.It was very eye opening. And then around that same time or like a month later, I started exploring different documentaries that were popping up on my radar like What the Health and Cowspiracy which by the way, those two documentaries. Dr. Sailesh Rao was an executive producer for as I mentioned earlier, and he was now on this podcast. So I just love all of these things coming full circle. But I anyway, I started watching those documentaries, Forks Over Knives, there were several on Netflix that were just really,again eye opening to the health benefits of a plant based diet.So around November of 2017, and without any thought to the fact that holidays were coming up and Thanksgiving specifically in the US was coming up, I decided to cut all dairy from my diet.Because also since then I had done the juice plus challenge for about a month. But then that was it, I you know, went back into older habits, just my normal routine. So anyway, at this time, I decided to cut all dairy from my diet for a couple of weeks. And then I also decided based on the documentaries that I had been watching and what I had been learning about the meat industry, I just decided to cut meat as well, really, for no other reason, then I just wasn't ever that attached to eating meat. I just felt like it might be easy to cut them both at the same time. So pun intended cold turkey,I cut all animal products from my diet. And I remember just within 10 days, it wasn't even the full couple of weeks that I had thought that I was gonna go,I had more energy, I had no gut problems, which was like the first in my entire life. And my skin started to clear up, I had bloating that I didn't even realize I had had because it went away I didn't know I was actually feeling and looking bloated until it was gone. So bloating problems disappeared within obviously I kept going beyond just 10 days and within the first month, I lost 15pounds. And then after that my weight started to just stabilize and find a new normal. And then other really interesting things started to happen that I wasn't expecting, like my tastebuds completely changed and therefore my cravings changed and all the things that I thought I was really going to miss like ice cream, or like different you know candies and things that still had milk products in them.I actually didn't crave them anymore. And when I started eating things like dark chocolate you know in replacement it tasted different I enjoyed it, which I never really enjoyed dark chocolate before.I also found as time continued to go on beyond that month that I no longer enjoy things like soda or highly They processed foods and sugars, it gave me like an instant headache. And it didn't taste as good. And it felt like gross in my body. At this point, I can't really remember how long it took for me to realize that I didn't want to go back that I was going to be sticking with this new way of living. I don't remember what that timeframe was. But I know that the most dramatic impacts were felt and seen within the first 10 days, the first month,things really started to change.Like I said, with my taste buds and cravings, and I think it was just some time beyond that, I realized there were enough benefits to the way that I felt and the way, the way that I was able to show up every day and stick to this commitment fairly effortlessly. Like, I just knew that I didn't want to go back to the way I was feeling before.And that all the different things that I used to eat before, I didn't really miss them that much. And even if I did, they weren't worth losing all of this new sense of life that I had found within me. So I stuck with it, I managed to get through my you know, first Thanksgiving with no animal products. And thankfully, I you know, had a family that was very supportive, they were willing to try new things with me. You know, we had interesting conversations, it, you know, was challenging for me sometimes to explain and express where I was coming from and why such a dramatic shift all of a sudden,like, there were definitely challenges, but I was thankful to have the support so that I could enjoy holiday meals, you know, beyond Thanksgiving, as well as I continued into this for like Christmas, and New Year's and all of that. So I was able to start just learning how to eat differently, bring new traditions in. And I also found that I truly enjoyed cooking for the first time in my life. I mean, I didn't ever think that I didn't like cooking that much.But it always felt sort of like a chore. And I never realized how much I did not enjoy cooking with meat until I didn't have to anymore. And then not only that,but my palate was greatly expanded, I was able to find all these new recipes, all these new types of foods that I would have never even been willing to try before. And it was so much fun to explore all of that, and then to learn to cook in a different way. And still to this day, five years later, I am enjoying cooking, and learning new things all the time, about a year or two after that point, I accidentally ate one piece of meat I had like gone through a Chipotle line and, you know, got my like, veggie fajitas bowl and everything. And somehow when they were you know, scooping all the different stuff into the bowl, this one piece of meat snuck in there. And it was one of those moments where like, you know, you just put a bite into your mouth and you don't really think to like, look at what you're eating. It's just all been the same. And then I I just bit down. And it was like an involuntary in what's that word,involuntary gag, like I could not help it. I knew that that was meat. And it felt so weird in my mouth. And it was it was just gross, the whole idea of it was gross. So I like gagged and wanted to throw up and I just kind of like you know, spit that out of my mouth and then check the rest of my bowl and was able to like keep eating. But it was very surprising to me that that was the reaction that I had because I did not expect that and haven't eaten any meat since then. Other things that I noticed physically,I have never felt better in my life. I went from getting sick multiple times a year, I was always the kid who was like coming down with strep throat.Anyway, I went from getting sick multiple times a year to fighting like just a head cold,maybe two times a year now. And sometimes it's not even that and even when I do have a head cold,the level of congestion is like so minor like before, my head would be so congested and I would have like that thick, you know, phlegm in the back of your throat and your nose is like super just disgusting. And and now especially because not having dairy in your diet. I've since learned that has cleared up so much of the congestion. So even when I have a head cold these days, it's like hardly anything. And even within this timeframe like my visits to the dentist have gotten so much better. So I'm not going to say you know 100% For sure that all of this has to do with being plant based or vegan. But I will say that it is not lost on me like the connection. The fact that this increase in better health has all come about Since that choice in 2017, the other part of all of this is that going plant based, you know, in embracing this vegan lifestyle,it has since bled into all areas of my health and my life. That choice for my own physical health is what pushed me to learn more about living sustainably and living naturally, I continued my learning, you know, not only about plant based foods, and the diet and cooking and all of that, but continued to expand my learning about sustainability,through podcasts and more documentaries, and so many more books and articles and conversations with friends over these past five years. And it has completely changed my life after I learned and then felt all of the physical health benefits of living in a plant based diet. I was then learning more about the impact that a vegan diet has on climate change and the earth. And that became a huge just like lightbulb moment for me. And I learned so so much that only makes me feel more grounded in my choice and push me to start learning about how else could I be living sustainably, you know, that choice led into learning more about other ways that we have contributed to climate change,and how we can start trying to reverse that and you know,living sustainably and all the other things that I've been talking about on this podcast in the previous seasons, and will be in the upcoming seasons. So that was all influenced by that one choice. And then later, I mean, let's see, this was probably only maybe two years ago, two or two and a half years ago, that I started to open myself up to learn more about the actual impacts that the meat and dairy industries have on animals and learning about animal rights. Like I, that was not the reason that I went vegan. And I purposefully didn't really want to know about all of that for so long, I think because I think because we get afraid that as soon as we know something that we're not going to be able to unlearn. You know,as soon as we see something that we can't unsee we're going to feel regret, and you know, shame possibly for our previous choices. And I just didn't never really want to think about the oppression and the suffering the animals were and are enduring.But anyway, about two, two and a half years ago, I started opening myself up to learning more about that. And yes, I felt horrified. And I felt grieved and sad. And I still do when I continue to learn about how this goes on today. But at the same time, I don't regret those things. Because I didn't know,you just don't know what you don't know. And ignorance is bliss, right? That's the phrase.But I couldn't just purposefully choose to be ignorant anymore.And of course, once I opened myself up to learning about this oppression and this suffering,that is not necessary, and I don't want to cause unnecessary harm towards anyone, it just my mind and my heart were opened and expanded. And then through all of that I learned more about the racism that is deeply embedded within the meat and dairy industries and how dangerous and toxic this can be for people of color, especially minority communities, low income communities that are often positioned closest to these meat and dairy industries, they reap the worst, the worst of the health impacts and the climate impacts that all these factory farms and so on have so it that's a whole topic you could go into you know the previous episode with Gwenna Hunter and Claudia Lifton to learn more about that you can watch other documentaries and and read more about this. But overall, I would say that that one choice five years ago, has changed my entire life in ways that I did not see coming. I did not expect to find so much of myself through this journey. I was doing this for health reasons I was doing this to just feel better and to not have to deal with lactose intolerance anymore. And yet, I have found that I live more aligned with the compassion that is already and has always been inside of me. The love that has always been inside of me. And it has impacted my mental and emotional health, even my spiritual health. I have found a voice and a confidence kind of like Colleen Patrick Goudreau,and I talked about in the episode right before this one that I I had never experienced before. So it's just been amazing. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Also one more thing to note You know, in the past couple of years, I have had a completely plant based pregnancy, I have a toddler now,and I was able to thrive on a plant based diet, as does so much of the world around us. I think we forget that there are literally millions of people in the world that live, you know,just culturally in a plant based culture, and anyway, they also have thriving pregnancies and births. And like I said, because the plant based or vegan diet impacted me in other ways,showing me how to live sustainably, I ended up learning more about like pregnancy and birth from a very, you know,like crunchy or granola or natural lens, whatever word you want to use. And I chose to do things a certain way that led to a beautiful pregnancy, a phenomenal birth, I loved it.And I never would have thought that I would have said that I loved birth.So that all went so well. And we have since been raising our now two year old, little vegan, and he is both healthy and thriving.He's never had any animal products. And we're just gonna keep taking one step at a time,you know, as he grows, and we can have more conversations with him eventually, about our choices and about his own future choices. We'll just we'll just see how this goes. But for right now he is fully plant based. We eat fully vegan at home, my husband has been incredibly supportive, he eats vegan with us at home. And now over the past five years, he often chooses to eat vegan when we go out as well, because he's also noticed the physical changes and impacts within his own body. So he says that he's you know,vegan, like two thirds of the time. And he's very curious and interested to, to continue learning more and to potentially be fully vegan or plant based in the future. But his story is his own. And I will leave it at that we have enjoyed very thoughtful reflective conversations together on this journey. And I really, really enjoyed that. And I'm very thankful for his support. So obviously, with this podcast, all things sustainable,I am all about living as sustainably as possible in any of the ways that you can because this looks differently for each person. But it is worth mentioning that eating plant based is the single most effective thing that you could do for the health of our Earth.recent stats show I can have this episode, I can have this article linked in the episode description if you're interested to learn more, but recent stats show that over half now. So about 52% of consumers in the US are all buying more plant based products, or identifying with more just plant based living. So this is something that I don't feel is just trending because it's a fad. This is something that year after year is now increasing. The more people are educated around all of the impacts, as described before that a vegan lifestyle can have.It's just catching people's attention. I am still learning all the time, I'm often reminding myself of all the things that I did not know. And I constantly strive to be patient and empathetic and seeking to understand where people are at within my own circles, while sharing what I've since learned with confidence. And that is a journey in itself. And it takes a lot of time and effort and I will continue learning in these ways. And so with that being said, I wanted to share with you just briefly my biggest takeaways from this season three where we've been talking about all things vegan. So from episode one with Clare Mann, I My biggest takeaway was I learned to question everything to lead conversations with curiosity. And even if you feel that you already know something very deeply are you You know,we've done this a certain way for a number of years. question it. Why have we done things this way? Who taught us to do things this way? Who taught them to do things this way? Does it have to be the same? Just because we've always done it a certain way?Ask questions that was one of my biggest takeaways from her episode. And through those questions, you can often come to more effective communication and a deeper understanding of each other within your relationships with Dr. Neal's episode i My biggest takeaway was simply that the plant based diet is the most powerfully proven way of living to both prevent it and potentially reverse more often than not the top killing diseases in the US, but also within the world. This plant based diet has benefits for everyone. That's probably one of my biggest takeaways from that episode. Within the episode with Gwenna and Claudia about animal rights and human rights, I learned even more than I already knew about the just graphic and shocking treatment of animals within the meat and dairy industries. But more surprisingly, I learned very new information about the level of oppression of humans, the human laborers who work within these environments, and the direct ties to racism, systemic racism.There's so much injustice within these industries that I had learned and yet still learned new things within that conversation. And it was, it was just shocking. From the episode with Dr. Joanne Kong, talking about the environmental connections between plant based living and the earth, I learned so much more about how we can actually heal the planet,reverse climate change with a plant based diet, I learned a lot about the loss of natural biodiversity throughout our world, that I didn't realize the full extent of that. And I also learned why exactly it's not possible to maintain the current level of meat and dairy consumption that we have been operating with around the world.Just as of recently, it's not possible to maintain that. So whether people fully embrace plant based living or they just reduce their meat and dairy intake, either way that needs to happen because what we're doing currently is not sustainable.From the episode with Jen and Ashley, Jen Rivera Bell and Ashley Renne Nsonwu, i My biggest takeaways were that the vegan experience is not the same across the board. There is a lot of supremacy that is deeply rooted in the more mainstream white centric veganism and even recognizing what white centric veganism is. And I learned so much more about the fight for food justice within that episode, my biggest takeaways from the episode right after that with Dr. Sailesh Rao. That episode I know I've said it before, but it brings me to tears literally each time I listened to it. It is so beautiful and profound. But I learned so much about the Earth flourishing versus perishing and the direct connection that that has on us. We are nature we are not separate from nature. We are all nature and we are all connected and the more that the Earth thrives, the more that we will thrive. I also had a big takeaway that shame and guilt and hardship all of these very heavy emotions that we can often label as negative. They are all a part of any transformation.And Dr. Sailesh Rao really encourages us to welcome these heavy emotions because it is necessary it's part of the birth pangs he describes into transformation and bringing a new form of life into the world.And then finally, the episode with Colleen Patrick Goudreau was so wonderful and I learned so much about noticing where I end and where someone else begins, as she put it, when it talks about not even just with veganism, but any choices that you're making in life, you know,the way that you're going to be seen or perceived by somebody else, what they might say, as a result of your choices. You need to notice where you end and where someone else begins, what is yours to carry and what is not yours to carry.And then of course, another huge takeaway, like I mentioned before, is that being vegan is not my identity. It's something that I fully embrace now, but it's not my identity, it's not a separate identity. Really, the more that you understand what veganism is what being vegan stands for, the more that you realize that's actually a part of all of us. So I highly encourage you all to go back.Listen to any or all of those episodes, there is just so much depth to each one that I couldn't possibly summarize within this little recap episode. But I hope that I have given you enough of a summary that you feel better equipped,whether you have listened to all of them, and you're moving forward in your journey or you're going to go back and listen to some now. I hope that you feel encouraged and I hope you feel like you have resources to help you the fact that we are coming up on another holiday season and for me, it's now you know five years of my vegan journey. I just want To encourage people, if that is holding you back from embracing a plant based diet, because of the, you know, the social awkwardness or the social norms around this time of year, you can do this, I did it. Lots and lots and lots of other people have done it, but you are not alone. And if this podcast series can help you, or if you even just want to message me and need any other resources, I am happy to help anytime. This series has taken just about a year to get fully off the ground from start to finish, from the ideas in my head to reaching out to the very first of the guest speakers here, which was Dr.Joanne Kong. And again, I before I've expressed gratitude towards her, but I'll say it again, she was an instrumental part of getting this series off the ground. And I am so thankful to her help. And now here we are just about a year later, and it has been everything that I hoped it would be and more it has been beautiful. I will be taking a break for a little bit for the holiday season, I will probably jump into your feed with, you know one or two kind of bonus holiday themed episodes. And then we will be back in the new year for season four, if you would like to support me and the work that I'm doing, the best way that you could do that is by becoming a patron of the show.As I mentioned before, my patrons are so key in putting this podcast together and getting it out there for more and more listeners just like you and it is fully listener supported. So I have those links in the episode description. But you can just go to things sustainable. If you would like to support the work that I do,you can do that for as low as $3a month, it's less than a typical cup of coffee every month, you will be able to enjoy benefits of getting the full video recordings that are unedited, just the full conversations with my guest speakers or just myself like this one, you'll have access to those early before everybody else. And the fact that it will be unedited, and with video,nobody else gets that. And you also get other benefits. Like I've got discount codes that are for sustainable businesses online and also throughout the Denver area. And you get those up updated discount codes every three months, you get personal shoutouts I've got lots of other perks for you to look into. So if you're interested in becoming a patron of the show, I would greatly appreciate it Things sustainable. If you are interested in further coaching for sustainable living, and finding out what that looks like for you and for your family,your budget, your different needs within your lifestyle, you can check out my coaching website, which is that minimal, that minimal or slash shop either way, it will take you to the coaching that I can do either in person virtually with you. I've got single workshops,I've got a package of workshops.And then I also have if you go to that minimal I have digital video courses that are available for you if you are looking to raise a family sustainably, pregnancy and postpartum all the way through young childhood. And I am currently working on more video courses to reach an even broader audience of people who are looking to live sustainably. So those are the best ways to get more resources for yourself and to support my work. Thank you so so much for being here. I am just so fulfilled by sharing this work with you and learning with you all the time. I hope that you have a fantastic rest of your November and we will be back soon. Have a wonderful day.I hope you enjoyed today's episode, and if you did, I would love it if you would share it with a friend. Spread the word over your social media or simply leave a review wherever you subscribe to this podcast to help others find it as well.Thank you so much for being here. I'll catch you next time

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Today, I'm sharing my own vegan story... (how I grew up, my tipping point, impacts: physical, mental, emotional/spiritual)
My biggest take-aways from each guest interview within this series...
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